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POSTED ON May 10, 2023

Offering a wide range of Allied Health Services to support both our clients and their families, Hessel Group proudly extends these supports to offer counselling to the South Australian community.


Counselling is the process of talking about and working through personal issues in a safe and supportive setting. It is meant to help improve one's mental and emotional well-being, promote self-awareness, and develop coping skills for challenging situations. While everyone can benefit from counselling, there are certain groups or individuals who may especially find it beneficial.

People who have experienced trauma are prime candidates for counselling. Trauma can refer to any experience that has left a lasting negative impact on the individual, such as abuse, violence, accidents, or natural disasters. Individuals who have experienced trauma may struggle with anxiety, depression, flashbacks, and other symptoms that can greatly affect their quality of life. Through therapy, they can learn to process and cope with their trauma, work through their emotions, and learn to move forward.

Those struggling with mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression, can also greatly benefit from counselling. A trained therapist can help individuals develop coping mechanisms and strategies to manage their symptoms, as well as identify underlying issues that may be contributing to their mental health struggles.

Individuals going through major life changes or transitions, such as divorce, retirement, or career changes, may also benefit from counselling. These changes can bring about uncertainty, fear, and anxiety, which can lead to stress and emotional upheaval. Counselling can offer a safe and supportive space to process these changes, explore options, and develop plans for moving forward.

Finally, anyone who feels stuck or unsure of their direction in life may find counselling helpful. A therapist can help individuals identify their values, strengths, and goals, and develop a plan for achieving them.

In summary, counselling and therapy can be beneficial to anyone who is struggling with personal issues and is seeking support and guidance. It can help individuals learn to navigate life's challenges, develop coping strategies, and gain self-awareness, leading to greater emotional and mental well-being.

Hessel Group has a dedicated team of professionals providing tailored counselling services including Andy who is a registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association. Andy holds a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Adelaide. He has extensive experience working within the disability sector as well as working with people of all ages and in many life stages, supporting them as an empathetic practitioner to resolve concerns and move forward and thrive.



Hessel Group's Counselling and Therapy sessions can be received from our clinics in Fullarton and Welland or within the community in therapeutic environments. Contact our friendly team to discuss our counselling services today on 8462 0222 or via the link below:


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