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Catching Up With Alice

POSTED ON November 9, 2022

Early Childhood Education and Care Trainer & Assessor Mamta recently caught up with a new Diploma Graduate, Alice, to reflect on the student experience and recognise the outcome of having studied with Enhance Training.

Mamta & Alice Enhance Training

Alice started as a volunteer at Unley Early Learning Centre, where she realised that a career in Early Childhood Education and Care was for her. As a busy mum of three and working full time, enrolling for the CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care was daunting from a time perspective. However, she was able to study remotely in her own time, at her own pace and with direct contact to her trainer for a phone call or meeting as required. Being able to study flexibly was a relief and allowed Alice to continue to work full time as well as commit precious time for her busy family.

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"Being a student at the age of 49 was a massive challenge that I overcame with my perseverance, determination and support of my Family, Director at Unley Early Learning Centre and Trainers from Enhance Training. I realised its never too late to study and create your own career path."

With the support of Sue, Centre Director at Unley Early Learning Centre, Alice was able to implement her newly learned skills directly to the workplace, complete the required placement hours and seek advice from colleagues with confidence. Alice learned how to effectively communicate with parents while meeting each child's individual needs through her course.

"I have known Alice for approximately 3 years. Initially, she came to our Early Learning Centre as a volunteer. It was not long before she began her study in Certificate 3 in Children's studies and then soon after completing her Diploma. Her commitment to both has been commendable."

Sue Ferguson, Director - Unley Early Learning Centre.


"Hardworking, resilient, determined and perseverant are qualities which a good student needs and this is Alice. Enrolled in Diploma at the age of 49, full time job and mother of three children, Alice overcame all the challenges with a smile on her face.

I have seen Alice grow by leaps and bounds.

Congratulations Alice! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a small part of your journey to success."

Mamta Suhan Varma, Early Childhood Education & Assessor - Enhance Training


 The Diploma course also supports students with leadership skills with Alice becoming a mentor to junior staff members and supporting and advising them with their career pathways as well as within the work environment.

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"I am currently working as an Educator, leading the baby's room". "In the future, I want to be a teacher".

We have no doubt you'll achieve that goal too, Alice.

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